Exploring the rich history of Wikipedia and its Rise to Fame

The Wikipedia is definitely one of the most prevalent, helpful site today that has affected the lives of many in different aspects and ways. With its fame and outstanding development, many has definitely wondered about the history of Wikipedia and how it came to be and improved to the site we know today. This could be for educational and research purposes or even due to full-fledge curiosity regarding the matter. Whatever category you fall into, you'll surely be mesmerized about this site's travel on history to the point where we stand today.

The History of Wikipedia started on its launch, however, its development definitely derived from older events, ideas and proposals that contributed to its birth. On 1993, Rick Gates have proposed an intriguing concept of online encyclopedia, but the freedom encyclopedia wasn't introduced until the year 2000, in the month of December, when Richard Stallman proposed the concept.

The concept introduced by Richard Stallman involved no central group controlling the editing of the contents of the website. This means that users from all across the globe can chip in their ideas regarding the matter and create a whole new, redefined encyclopedia that definitely strays off from the conventional Britannica, Encarta and other Encyclopedias at that time. The history of Wikipedia continued as Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales started making the balls roll and launched the famous Wikipedia which was derived from Nupedia combined with the Wiki tech from Ward Cunningham that was developed back on 1995.

Though the Wikipedia was first viewed as a complement to the revered Nupedia, the improvements it contributed vastly changed the game and it overtook it, travelling further around the globe than any other online encyclopedias have. It quickly became a global innovation that has inspired different references project worldwide and was also developed in different languages which only indicated its continuous rise in the industry.

A ranking made by the Alexa Internet indicates that the Wikipedia has indeed become the 7th most visited and most popular website worldwide that boasts a stupendous amount of traffic with over 495 Million monthly readers. 117 Million from the total monthly amount of reader comes from the United States only which is incredibly stunning.