History of eSports and how it came to be

Though the electronic Sports have only become a hot topic in the recent years, the history of eSports and its roots go way back to time immemorial as it is basically the spectator-form sports of the time-withstanding video games that have truly revolutionized gaming and entertainment as we know it. It has also affected lifestyles of different people and sometimes, even point of views, mindsets and even different physical and cognitive skills which an individual may have.

Not only are video games an incredibly exhilarating form of entertainment that even got countless people addicted to it: it is also a great spectator sports which eventually conceived the revered eSports tournaments that have spread throughout the world like wildfire in a forest. Its quick improvement in popularity only goes to show just how influential video games have become in different places around the globe even back in the old days, which has made it easier for it to reach the pinnacle within years and decades. Today, this type of gambling is very popular among players, and almost every online casino allows betting on eSports, and players increase their chances when taking advantage of bonus codes, no matter if they are betting on eSports or playing any casino game.

Though worldwide tournaments are not yet popular back in the old days of video games, competition was always an imminent thing on it even on the 1980 to 1990. These were the times when arcade games were a hit and local tournaments and competitions were held which ignited the passion of gaming within every player's hearts in various places around the globe. When video games were integrated on Personal Computers, it has opened new doors of possibilities for the video game world, producing hit games like Quake, Starcraft and more.

The history of eSports continued and since then, major tournaments and competition risen one after another throughout the globe for various video games. As video games progressed and became more phenomenal, its competitive aspect also experienced consecutive booms and improvements that has led to different Championships which awards mindboggling cash prizes that players may have never expected in the past.

As time moves, even what we know today will be part of the history of eSports and in the future, innovation and other improvements in the industry will surely bring video games and eSports to new heights that we may have never imagined today, which only begs us to expect more in the years to come.