How Does Anyone Solve All Those Video Game Storage Problems, How?

When looking at the subject of video game storage, there are definitely some modern approaches that some folks have these days when displaying and storing their collection of video games and movies.

I mean look through some of these Apartment Therapy house tours that are common-place these days and you will certainly start noticing a trend or two with regards to video game storage, you can guarantee.

One trend that you can't ignore? Well that would have to be records and books as these look totally chic when they are displayed in open shelving. Video games and DVD's are simply not as common any more, even though almost all of us own some.

It's not always easy to come off with a sophisticated look, but these days there are certainly more options than ever before when deciding whether to store vs display your movies and video games.

Swapping their covers for something more chic can be a great conversation opener, especially when in combination with your collection of video game titles and some classic Penguin book covers, "oh my what have we here", I can hear some people muttering!

None the less some of these cases are just perfect for some of the retro gaming nerds out there and they can even be customized, how cool is that. Thematic tchotchkes seem to have more appeal when combined with your movie collection. Some folks have flags and bears that are flanked by some of their classic movies, both new ones and old.

Putting all your movies on display can add a lot of clutter to an otherwise clean and open space, it seems such a shame to spoil it with such exhibitionism, wouldn't one agree? And the fix, what might the fix for it be, we wonder?

How about choosing a media stand that really stands out? One with a lot of inbuilt storage where you have acres of space to stack hundreds of movies and games inside, so they are all readily available on tap when you have company over!

There are a huge variety of shelving options to select from online for video game storage or the likes in every price range and style imaginable, it's really quite awesome and the answer to that one big problem. Time to get it sorted now!