Some Programs Required If Venturing Into Video Game Development

If you're wondering what you need to learn for video game development and what kind of software will be required, here are just a few pointers. It won't cover everything in its entirety, more a sneak peek at some of the software required for building a 3D game like a first person shooter and more from a generic standpoint.

There are many different software applications involved in video game development that can lighten the load and assist you, starting with video game design, and software that you will be using for building the video game 'world' in, otherwise known as world-building software where you build your terrain, buildings, water etc. The best place to look for this is the DMOZ open directory project, from there check under available Game Development Software.

Next you will require software to manipulate graphics and images. Something to help create individualized characters or help modify your existing items that you have. This means you will need a graphics program, and one of the best for the price is Paint Shop Pro. If you have a larger budget and want to use what the Professionals use then Photoshop is of course the ultimate option, but only if you can afford it.

Also for your video game development, you will be needing modelling software that will assist in the creation and design of game items and characters. There will be two major programs that you will want to use for 3D modelling. There is 3D Studio Max available from Autodesk .com, and Maya which can be acquired from They are both quite expensive however with Maya there's a free download for learning and for students.

Another top program that you will want to be equipped with is Lightwave 3D, this also doesn't come cheap. However if you just want to get your feet wet on something that's a bit more simpler, you might prefer to use the Milkshape3D program. It's a good 3D modelling program which is mainly used for Quake, Unreal, and Half Life, plus there's a 30 day download version for free, which should make starting a little easier on the pocket book. Hope this helps!