The Advent and Rise of eSports Bars for Spectators

With the fame of electronic sport or eSports skyrocketing worldwide today, it is only to be expected that sooner or later, eSports Bars and other places where you can watch the game will surely sprout one after another in different places. As you may already know, this kind of sports is widely popular in Asian countries like Singapore and Korea where countless gaming cafes run for full day non-stop, however, it is slowly spreading its influence on the western market as well which only goes to show just how much it has improved over the course of years.

Back in the days, though gaming tournaments have been renowned on the western market as well, it has only been a small-scale industry where one can only win a small pot of money especially when compared to what we have today. From tournaments that involved consoles with only 8-bit prowess, it has slowly stepped into the limelight with the rise of the Counter Strike game and other multiplayer games. There were also countless big tournaments that offered prizes from $4,000 to $150,000 and even more, which makes it evident just how the game is continuously experiencing evolution every day.

Watching games may have been first constrained in personal homes or LAN watching experience, but today, movements regarding building eSports bars are finally taking place. The BarCraft, a movement for the creation of a bar that offers live telecast of Starcraft II games, will allow gamers to revel on a whole new watching experience with friends and other co-gamers, while being able to drink, eat and have fun to their fullest.

The first tournament where Barcraft was launched, was hosted by the Chao Bistro which is a bar based on Seattle. 150 people came to the momentous event and from then on, it has become a regular thing on the place that's scheduled twice every week. With such a successful, launch, there are also other bars that are considering to become part of the eSports bars revolution, which only makes it viable for us to expect more innovation and revolutionary ideas that will redefine and change the whole industry as a whole.