What is Twitch TV?

Video Streaming platforms have contributed a lot to the modern entertainment that's renowned nowadays and one of the most famous one that had truly become a significant part of the industry is the Twitch TV. It is commonly known as a live video streaming platform, but it also renders in-demand videos and other contents that will truly mesmerize and capture the attention of different types of viewers today.

The revered Twitch TV is within the ownership of the one and only, reputable Twitch Interactive. This topnotch group is a subsidiary company of the all-popular Amazon.com, which further amplifies its solid reputation and trustworthiness that will surely put you at ease while scouring their site. It first made its way to the online world on the year 2011, month of June, wherein it was first intended to be a spin-off of Justin.tv which was popular at that time.

The Justin.tv was catered to general-interest content while the Twitch TV first focused on delivering different contents that are inclined to video games and eSports: from walkthroughs, funny video game videos, eSports tournaments and competitions, along with other related creative videos. As time passed by, Twitch TV continued to rise in popularity, overtaking the position of the Justin.tv. In fact, on 2013, month of October, it recorded a staggering distinct viewer that amounted to 45 Million. It was also recorded that on February 14, it has finally landed on the fourth spot when it comes to generating the most internet traffic in all of US.

With its unrelenting progress and amplification of fame, it has finally caused Justin.tv to shut down as its parent company also experienced a re-branding to Twitch Interactive. This wasn't the only change that the site experienced as it also started to expand its horizon by catering different types of content. From catering video game related videos, it has also started serving music videos, content and streams, which only caused it to reel in more users and viewers than ever. It has recorded a total of 100 Million Monthly visitors along with 1.5 Million total of broadcasters in the site by the year 2015, and we will surely be seeing more of it in the future.